My student radio show was arguably where it all began, in November 2012. From my first show, in my first year at RaW 1251AM, my weekly hobby soon blossomed in to one of the station's award-winning primetime shows, packed with plenty of production and quality content.

I was able to hone my presenting style, focus my presenting strengths, and learn how best I could use the desk and playout system at my disposal to create a show full of energy and creativity, befitting our student audience over a Saturday lunchtime. Alongside regular features, I challenged myself to create unique content every week – which, after broadcast, was packaged, branded, and then uploaded – as below!

Along the way, the show helped me to win 'Best New Show' and 'Best Newcomer' at the station's own awards ceremony in 2013, and a year later I took home silver in the 'Best Male' and 'Best Entertainment' show categories.

'Living Up the Weekend' lives on during the summer months on BHBN Hospital Radio, where I take more than five years' worth of Saturday afternoons to patients around Birmingham's hospitals, complete with a slightly different tone and presenting style, blending smoothly with the different audience demographic.